ARES Net Date & Time Change

Beginning this month, the Henderson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service net will move to the 2nd Tuesday at 8 p.m.  We will continue to rotate running the net on our two area repeaters, the CCARC repeater (even months) and the AARC repeater (odd months).
You do not need to be a member to check in, and we invite all area ham to join.
And a reminder that the North TX ARES net is the second Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on 3.860 MHz.

Henderson County SKYWARN Class Set

The Henderson County SKYWARN class will be held Tuesday March 18 from 7-9 PM at the Coffee City Community Center. All Henderson County ARES members are urged to attend this session.

Other sessions are available if you are tied up that evening. See this link for other classes.  Please let me know if you attend a different session so I can keep our ARES member records up to date.

73 and HNY!

Rich N5CSU
Henderson County EC

Simulated Emergency Test Results

The Fall TX ARES Simulated Emergency Test was held on Saturday Oct. 26 on both county repeaters and on HF.
We accomplished all but one of our test objectives:
  • were able to demonstrate communications with all adjoining counties’ VHF repeaters and their ARES net if activated.
  • We were able to deliver a digital message using Winlink to the DDC in Tyler.
  • Most stations were using emergency power.
  • Members checked in via HF to North TX ARES net.
  • members checked in to the statewide HF net.
  • DStar was not available (we’re looking into why!)
Thanks to the following members for taking part:
  • N5CSU Rich NCS
  • K5PUB Bill Alt NCS
  • WB4SJN Bob
  • W5RDM Bob
  • AD5QP Cory
  • N5SER Charles
  • KF5HSN Robert
  • N4BKX Jim
  • KC8YWT Dave
  • KG4FET Sandor
  • NG5R Dale
  • W5WDH Jerry
ARES members can download a handy freq plan (ICS-205) and other information from the Henderson Co. ARES Yahoo group . Members that do not have access to this group should request an invite on that page or email
If you are not yet a member of ARES, and have a ham license, we invite you to join! You can find the application form on the ARES website,

Fall 2013 Simulated Emergency Test

The Fall TX ARES Simulated Emergency Test will be held this Saturday morning October 26. Henderson County hams are requested to check in on the VHF net on 146.90 MHz at 9 a.m. Check-ins will also be taken on the 147.22 repeater. If at all possible, use emergency power. We will also be running a test on our county simplex channel, 147.52 MHz.

Those hams with HF capability are also requested to check into the North TX ARES net on 7.2775 MHz, and the statewide ARES net on 7.285 MHz.

ARES members can download a radio comms plan (ICS-205) and other information from the the Files section of the ARES Yahoo group . Members that do not have access to this group should request an invite from that page or email

If you are not yet a member of ARES, we invite you to join! You can find the application form on the ARES website,

All hams in the area are urged to participate by checking into these nets.

Henderson County SKYWARN Nets

The addition of an Echolink node on the Cedar Creek ARC repeater now offers us a direct connection to the National Weather Service Fort Worth ham station. That station is staffed with volunteers during severe weather days.  It’s already proven its value this Spring during severe weather, with the NWS communicating directly with us on our nets as needed.

When reporting weather conditions on a SKYWARN net, please describe your location such that someone not familiar with our local area would understand. For example, use mileage from a town or major road or intersection rather than a local landmark.

Texas ARES Exercise April 27

Henderson County ARES will be participating in a statewide ARES exercise on April 27 from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. All County hams are urged to participate.

While the full details are not known, the scenario involves a massive hurricane impacting the Texas coast from the southwest. The effect of this storm will reach far into the northern half of TX, with widespread flooding, wind damage and hurricanes. Shelters will be opened and EOCs will be without communications. Land and cellular surface will be interrupted.

Henderson County ARES will participate via a check-in round on 147.22 MHz at 8 a.m. or shortly thereafter once the scenario begins. We will also take check-ins via 146.90.  After that, we will take our queue from the scenario.

Local activity will be held on 2 meters. The NTX ARES frequency 7.2775 MHz may also be used during the exercise, as well as the TX Statewide freq 7.280 MHz.

The Henderson County Yahoo group has a Files section with our local Frequency Plan; please use this to pre-program your radios for frequencies we might use. Note especially our use of 147.52 MHz as a simplex frequency.  

The exercise scenario action plan and more info is available for download from the NTX ARES Yahoo group.

Please participate if you can!

SKYWARN Training Mar. 19

HC ARES was well represented at the recent Henderson County SKYWARN class held at the Malakoff Senior Citizens Center the evening of March 19. Over 20 local hams along with a like number of first responders attended the training offered by NWS forecaster and fellow ham Mark Fox. mark fox