About ARES®

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed radio amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment with their local ARES leadership, and are available for radio communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.  Nationwide, ARES has a proud record of over 75 years of community service.

The acronym ARES stands for the Amateur Radio Emergency Services. ARES provides supplemental communications to public safety organizations and other groups for special events, as well as disaster communications. ARES can have several functions depending on a community’s or area’s needs.ARES groups can provide checkpoint communications for events such asparades and marathons, or run special event stations for special town events such as festivals and large gatherings. In times of disaster, ARES can provide communications in many situations. For example, amateur radio operators can provide point to point communications between shelters, assist in recovery efforts, provide weather reports in weather disasters via the ARES SKYWARN program,and send messages where normal communications have failed via the National Traffic System.

ARES groups can be very small, tight-knit groups, to large groups encompassing up to 100 or 200 ham operators. It depends on how large of an area and how active the ham operators are in a given area.


On-air ARES nets are activated at the request of the Henderson County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and at the direction of the local ARES Emergency Coordinator. An ARES net is also activated for SKYWARN severe weather reporting at the request of the National Weather Service or the OEM.

Nets may be held on either or both local club repeaters. Announcements of any net activity will be made on both repeaters. Operations may also be held on the HC ARES simplex frequency.

Frequencies Used
Co-Primary Repeaters

  • Cedar Creek ARC repeater: 146.90 MHz, -600 KHz, 136.5 Hz PL
  • Athens ARC repeater: 147.22 MHz, +600 KHz, 136.5 Hz PL

Simplex Frequency

  • 147.52 MHZ no PL

Monthly Training Net

All area radio amateurs are invited to check in to the monthly Henderson County ARES training net. You do not need to be a member to check in.

  • When: 2nd Tuesday 8 p.m. local time
  • Frequency: alternates between the two local repeaters
    – Odd months: Athens ARC repeater
    – Even months: Cedar Creek ARC repeater

Joining ARES

All area radio amateurs are invited to join ARES. ARRL membership is not required, nor is membership in a local radio club.

To join ARES, download the form from the link on this page, and return it to the Henderson County EC, Charles Wells, N5SER, at cwells@dcccd.edu. You can also send a hard copy of the completed app to Charles Wells, P.O. Box 934, Kemp, TX 75143.


The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® is a registered trademark of the American Radio Relay League.

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